Dr Laurie Armsby


Dr Laurie Armsby

Dr. Armsby is a practicing pediatric cardiologist at Oregon Health Sciences University. She has a clinical

specialty in interventional cardiology, dyslipidemia and general pediatric cardiology. She has directed the

Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program at OHSU since 2006, and served as interim Division Head of

Pediatric Cardiology since 2014. She holds faculty positions on the AAP Neonatology and Pediatric

Cardiology Review Courses and is Co-Director of the AAP Pediatric Cardiology Specialty Review

Course. She is Past President of the Western Society of Pediatric Cardiology, Secretary/Treasurer of the

Society for Pediatric Cardiology Training Program Directors (SPCTPD) and a member of the AAP

Section of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Education and Training Working Group.